mythical masks by Miscellaneous Oddiments LLC


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Welcome to our Labyrinth of Fantasy Art!

Miscellaneous Oddiments LLC is a unique gallery of fine handcraft for the soul.
        We are a marriage of diverse and eclectic interests. Leah's innate eye for color combined with Shane's talent for design coalesced into a husband and wife team creating works of beauty and frivolity.
        Our Fantasy Masks are collected for their quality craftsmanship, displayed for their artistry and worn to invoke self transformation. Perfect for a day at the Renaissance Faire, Fantasy Festival, or Masquerade Ball, and lovely to display as well.
        Bubble Wands are instruments and toys of joy, expressing our love of rainbow magic and childlike wonder. Everybody loves Bubbles!
        Labyrinths are meditation tools to guide us along our life pathways to a place of inner peace.
        Our collection connects us to our selves and takes us out of the realm of the ordinary! Check out our About Us page for our updates, inspiration, and more. And our updated Photo Gallery is always full of fun!

Miscellaneous Oddiments LLC
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"Mythology is the homeland of the muses..." Joseph Campbell

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We are proud to be Writers and Contributing Editors for Faerie Magazine & Pirate Magazine. Click on the current issues' cover below to visit their Website and learn more.

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Shane is the Abbot of the Order of the Greenman. A Fraternal Order dedicated to exploring the Mythical Image of the Greenman and associated ideas.

The Beloved Order of the Greenman,

The Art of Mike Wuyek

We recently became members of The Interstitial Arts Foundation. A delightful group of artists, who, like ourselves tend to defy definitions of their work and slip between the cracks...

We were pleased and honored to be picked as Froudian Artists of the Month, September 2006, by the World of Frould Website. The Frouds, their art, and influence have long been a cherished part of our lives and we are glad to pass on this joy to the next generation in our children.

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